Frequently Asked Questions

For immediate assistance, please contact the HELP DESK at 619.545.2801 (DSN = 735).
1. How do I get access to the system?

The squadron ASO has access to the Tracker system. If you are the ASO and do not have access, please contact the HELP DESK at 619.545.2801 (DSN = 735).
2. How do I find the references which mandate each AirBoss Requirement?

From the Greenie Board view, click on the blue Requirements block to see associated governing message, instruction, and/or related information.
3. Our Culture Workshop has been completed, why can't I update the Culture Workshop Requirement?

Overall responsibility for the Aviation Culture Workshop program shifted from Naval Safety Center to the AirBoss early in 2016.
With that shift, the procedures also changed when the AirBoss signed the Culture Workshop instruction on 02 MAY 16.

Approximately two weeks after a Culture Workshop is completed, the Culture Workshop Coordinator sends your Skipper a critique to fill out.
The Skipper then has 30 days to return the critique, as it also includes questions about changes (if any) which were implemented following the team's visit.
Once the Skipper returns the critique, the AirBoss's Safety Tracker gets auto-updated using the date the Workshop was completed.

If this explanation has raised more questions than it has answered, call the HelpDesk @ 619-545-2801.

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