Frequently Asked Questions
The following are frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers. They were built from experience, general knowledge, and user input. For immediate assistance, please contact the HELP DESK at 619.545.2801 (DSN = 735). or click 'Feedback' button below.
1. How do I get an Administrator Username and Password ?

Send your military email address and your PRD to to get a username and password. Include the name of your squadron and your job title.
2. How can I see the results of ASAP entries?

Log into the system with your generic squadron login and click on the 'Reports' button.
3. I get a message saying there have been too many failed login attempts and I can not log in. How do I unlock my account?

Contact your squadron ASAP administrator or squadron ASO to unlock your account, or click on Contact Us on the login page.
4. What instruction states that ASAP must be completed after every flight?

OPNAVINST 3710.7 series mandates use if the squadron has been given training. As of 2009, all Navy squadrons are required to use ASAP after every flight.
5. Who will have access to the reports?

Once a report has been reviewed by the squadron administrator, and the status has been changed to Reviewed, personnel specifically in the squadron's chain of command (i.e. Wing and TYCOM) who have ASAP administrative access can see squadron comments. Additionally, higher headquarters personnel have the ability to view aggregate data in order to address community-wide and Navy-wide systemic issues.

A small number of DOD affiliated Safety researchers have limited access to aggregated data based on an as-needed basis, in order to address issues regarding Navy and DOD-wide safety concerns. Regional Commanders have access to information about Naval Air Stations within their area of responsibility, but can only see comments specifically related to airfield subjects and categories at their particular air station, i.e...their access is limited to only those reports associated with base issues, they do not see squadron specific issues and comments.

Separate but related side note: The number of personnel granted administrative access is determined by each level of the chain (Squadron, Wing, TYCOM), but there is no "system" limit to the number of personnel that have administrative access ( need for Squadron administrators to share accounts).

6. I have forgotten how to use some of the features once I login. How do I find help while using the system?

Step-by-step instructions can be found by clicking the User Manual link. For quick reference, click on a subject in the Table of Contents to go directly to that page. You can also click on Contact Us and submit your questions via the website feedback system.
7. What does ASAP do with my reports, if anything?

Click the ASAP News or Quarterly Report tabs to see a detailed analysis of reports including current trends and potential solutions.
8. How do I add a special question to the Input Wizard which only members of my squadron will see?

Decide what data you want to collect and what style of question you want to use in order to collect that data. The following formats are available:

Likert Scale

Numeric (0-5)

Numeric (1-5)

Grade (Sat-Unsat)

Grade (1-4)


Yes/No with comment block


Once you have decided on what data to collect and the style of the question(s), email your question(s) to

9. How do I download a copy of all squadron reports?

Log in to the system using your Administrator username and password.
Click on REPORTS button on the main menu bar.
Select All Available from the Date Shortcut drop-down
Select Excel as the Output Type
Use the Excel tab at the top of the search page to select desired fields
Click on Submit

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